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    The story of an 84 year-old Kenyan villager and ex Mau Mau veteran who fights for his right to go to school for the first time to get the education he could never afford.
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    Modernization of Charles Dickens classic story finds the hapless Finn as a painter in New York City pursuing his unrequited and haughty childhood love.
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    The unclear and complicated twists between governal powers, independentist party and Mafia in the Sicily of the '40s culminate with the death of Salvatore Giuliano.
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    Many animals work at a local zoo. When they aren't working, they relax at a polar bear's cafe.
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    Kazuhiko, a graduate of a prestigious university, wasn't enjoying his life, until he takes a job at a bathhouse. Then he discovers that the baths are used as a space for killing people after closing hours.
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    Near a coastal village of Thailand, by the sea where thousands of Rohingya refugees have drowned, a local fisherman finds an injured man lying unconscious in the forest. He rescues the stranger, who does not speak a word, offers him his friendship and names him Thongchai. But when the fisherman suddenly disappears at sea, Thongchai slowly begins to take over his friend's life - his house, his job and his ex-wife.
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    The movie is about one of the most popular Tibetan folk songs, Ganglamedo ("Snow lotus"), about two girls and two men. The story begins sixty years ago, in Tibet. A local girl, who sings the Ganglamedo, calls herself by same name. She is in love with a Tibetan man, Acuo, and they plan to marry. She disappears the night before the marriage is to take place. Sixty years later, a Chinese singer, An Yu, comes to Tibet to find her lost voice. She meets young Tibetan man Anzha, who helps her get to Lake Namucuo. One day An Yu meets an old woman, Lamu, and discovers she is Ganglamedo.
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    During the Prohibition, Chicago mob send a hitman after a traitor. The only problem is that his traces lead to Odessa, and no one hitman can overcome the hardcore Soviet bureaucracy.
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    Jeon Nok Du is a man with extraordinary ambition to experience the big, wide world. With looks, brains, and athletic abilities, he is the epitome of perfection. After being swept up in an incident, he disguises himself as a woman to join a mysterious all-woman community and meets Dong Dong Joo. Dong Dong Joo is a prickly gisaeng trainee. Along with her fiery personality, she is clumsy, has absolutely no sense of rhythm, and is tone-deaf, which makes all of her peers look after her. However, she is skilled with her hands as she can make anything if given the right tools. Unable to stand injusti
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    A behind-the-scenes drama and espionage thriller in Cold War-era England that centers on a journalist, a producer, and an anchorman for an investigative news programme.
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    The Central Office of Information (COI) was established in April 1946 as a successor to the wartime Ministry of Information. It went on to produce and distribute thousands of films for use across Britain, the Commonwealth and the world. Many famous faces have passed through the portals of the COI including luminaries of the British documentary movement such as Paul Rotha, Humphrey Jennings and Lindsay Anderson and in later years the likes of Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire) and Peter Greenaway (The Draughtsman’s Contract) who spent 15 years there. This 2-disc Blu-ray collection brings toge
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    The British Transport Commission was created in 1948 by the Atlee government, an ambitious attempt to organise rail, road and water transport under a single unwieldy umbrella (for a time it was the world’s largest employer, with a staff of over 900,000). British Transport Films was set up a year later, the biggest industrial film unit in the UK. It was run by renowned documentary maker Edgar Anstey and survived until the late 1980s, its intention to promote the virtues of a newly nationalised transport network. The BTF’s output included travelogues and training materials, the more popular shor
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    The adventures of a space superhero who can become invisible and his sidekicks.
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    This is about the first year that One Direcrion is together. All of their successes in a movie.
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    Soldiers from both sides of the Korean divide live among villagers who know nothing of the war.
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